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Summer's End...

Summers end is bitter sweet..

I can't really put a reason to why I am dreading the changing of the season this year. I usually take it all in stride and push forward with the next things on my list to get accomplished. Maybe its because the weather is so nice and we are still wearing shorts, or that the leaves haven't started changing, or maybe that school started so early? What ever the reason I feel it slipping away and I want to enjoy more summer not fall and the coming winter.

The thought of having to share the kids for most of the day and them being outside the family and house really bothers me after having them home everyday for the past few months. I know I have the option to homeschool full time, but, I know on many levels now is not the time for them or my family.


The kids are back to school and the colds pop up around here as the kids meet new and old friends and their new germs! One thing that I am happy about is the fact that I have stocked up on my go to herbs. They help ease the stuffy noses, fevers, sore throats and coughs. Thankfully no one yet has been sick.


GaThe carriage shedrden shed and catnip

I blend my own herbal tea to ease congestion & soothe upset tummies. It  is a mixture of dried crushed Peppermint leaves, Chamomile flowers, Echinacea root and a small amount of Rosemary. I like to put the herbs into a metal tea ball and steep the tea by the cup as needed. For coughs I add Osha & Licorice root to the blend. Most of these herbs have grown in our garden all summer and picked fresh first thing in the morning, air dried and stored in my favorite vintage Blue Ball Mason jars until they are needed. And several of them are also available in our on line shop. What I can't grow I happily order on line.

Fresh bars of soap and hand towels are close by and they are the first thing the kids use when they get off the school bus. No exceptions to this. I ask the kids all the time if they washed their hands at school and the answer is always an unbelievable, NO! They tell me they ask and the teacher's answer is there isn't time, or later. I fussed about it already and it fell on deaf ears.

The kids here are getting back in the swing of the school year both at school and their studies here at home. Summer is still being celebrated here until the bitter end. We are enjoying camp fires & cookouts every night while we can. Bed time has been pushed back a bit to enjoy the remaining afternoon light and I refuse just yet to start fall decorating. We are celebrating flip flops and samoas! We are leaving the windows open as long as we can each night and have added an extra blanket to the beds.

I'm picking the last of the summer flowers and filling vases all over the house and we are mostly still on our summer eating diet of salads, sandwiches, and grilled veggie packets. We just aren't ready for stews.


Day lilya day lily in the garden


Our home schooling Summer program is winding down as we review and reminisce with our field guides we made and our stories we wrote about each of our trips we took over the past few weeks. Also being finished up are the last bits of our bible studies and stories. The fall plans have yet to be finalized.



Yellow flowers in a row down the driveway


On the business side of things plans for the coming holiday season are in full swing! More on that to come soon. For the new studio/work shop, the supplies for the wiring have been purchased and the electrician is due to start work next week. Progress is SLOW but steady. And I am happy to have committed more time to our Newsletter I have neglected for so long.

 Lets knock on wood that the warm weather continues until my internal clock decides to switch gears. I see the apples falling from the trees and I have no desire to pick them up. Well, maybe to give to the horse, but I'm not ready for pie, sauce or butter.

I hope you too are enjoying the season what ever it feels like to you. What have you been up to these past few weeks? Any plans for pumpkins yet?





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